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Yosuke KAIFU (Associate Professor)
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Selected publications

Kaifu Y., Aziz F., Indriati E, Jacob T., Kurniawan I. and Baba H. (in press) Cranial morphology of Javanese Homo erectus: New evidence for cotinuous evolution, specialization, and terminal extinction. J. Hum. Evol.

Kaifu Y., Baba H., Aziz F., Indriati E, Schrenk F. and Jacob T. (2005) Taxonomic affinities and evolutionary history of the Early Pleistocene hominids of Java: Dento-gnathic evidence. Am. J. Phys. Anthropol. 128: 709-726.

Kaifu Y., Kasai K., Townsend G.C. and Richards L.C. (2003) Tooth wear and the “design” of the human dentition: A perspective from evolutionary medicine. Yrb. Phys. Anthropol., 46: 47-61.

Baba H., Aziz F., Kaifu Y., Suwa G., Kono R.T and Jacob, T., 2003. Homo erectus cranium from Pleistocene of Java. Science, 299: 1384-1388.

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